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Himalayas’ ONTOP water is an example of how foreign investment can help promote industries in Nepal. This brand was first launched by Korean Investment group (Himalayas Spring water Company Ltd) in 2007, has not only become a favorite among corporate houses, Foreigners, High end Hotel and Restaurants but has also gone international High end market.

This company was established by the Korean firm with an initial capital of $ 60 million. We do not use Reverse osmosis processing for filtration but rather in order to maintain the original taste of the sourced water, we uses series of treatment and filtration processes such as sand filtration, carbon filtration, Micro filtration, Ozonation, UV sterilization.

With an increasing demand in both the domestic and international markets, Mukti Shree Pvt Ltd, a domestic company combined its forces with the Korean initiative to enhance the market.

As it was a new product in the market with comparatively high price, it was difficult get people to buy. However, Himalayas’ ONTOP primarily focused on the quality of the water and started direct campaigns door-to-door awareness programme in the Nepali market.

Few years ago we upgraded to AVE machines from Italy to fill and package water using four-step filtration through micro filters  upgrading from 20 microns  to 0.2 micron.

Our company  is planning to come up with a new 15-liter box pack in the market. 


In the present context of global warming where perpetual ice source from the Himalayas has been decreasing, getting pristine water is pretty difficult. But since the HIMALAYAS’ ONTOP is extracted from this source, we assure the distribution of this water all across the world to let people know about Nepal, the Himalayas and enjoy the essence of the Himalayas.


 From Mr. Avimat Raj Sumargi, CEO HSW :

Our company asserts that the market today is very competitive and any product really needs a good branding. “Though we have not launched big campaigns till date, we are planning to do so soon,” . “Banks, INGOs, NGOs, restaurants and big corporate houses have liked our product.”

“We will try giving the best to our customers and I urge consumers to be health-conscious,”

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